Brain-to-brain interface

I came across this article “Brain-to-brain interface transmits information from one rat to another” and it got me thinking about the ability to communicate without any physical clues. There is a common statement that the vast majority of communication is non-verbal, but that non-verbal part is still physical. We see, hear, smell and touch the world around us and obtain a great deal of information from these senses that go into our understanding of what the other person in front of us ‘means’.

This experiment seems to point to an even deeper level of communication where thoughts have a definite pattern and energy that can be transmitted and decoded. While I am not sure how far we can go scientifically with this, the implications for science fiction are quite interesting. For me, the most exciting thing is that it seems to point to the possibility that we may be able to communicate outside of the normal physical frame that we have always taken for granted as it fits nicely with some of the things that I have been writing about in Sea of Dreams.

I like it when my science fiction has at least some science in it, even if I stretch it a bit.

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