Mining on the moon

One of the key parts of Sea of Dreams is the Chinese mining of Helium-3 on the moon. This article from the BBC talks about the efforts to start that process, particularly the Google X Prizes. One comment, by Bob Richards, CEO of Moon Express, caught my attention in particular.

People, themselves, will be transformed. They’ll be merging with their technologies. And that which we call human will become redefined as we find how to reprogramme our bodies to live longer, how we find machines that are able to symbiotically work with us to cure disease.

So that which we consider human today will continue to evolve.

The themes of evolution and the blurring of the boundaries between the real/unreal, human/inhuman, possible/impossible are at the heart of Sea of Dreams, and the best science fiction, in my opinion. Stretching and questioning the definitions of ourselves allows us to know ourselves and to choose the direction that we want to go.

From this perspective, what minerals we find on the moon are relatively unimportant. The changes that will occur as a result of the effort are where the real reward is.

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