Laozi and Tao te ching

There is an interesting article on the Tao in the Guardian, where the writer talks about the Tao’s focus on self awareness. I found it interesting that he was focused on this aspect of the Tao and how it was something that could be of use today. It is as if he realises that something is not right with the philosophical and ethical path that we have taken and is looking for an alternative starting point.

Aside from my personal interest on self-awareness and a work on one’s self, I was interested in the article because one of the origins of the Five Truths in Sea of Dreams was a short-lived movement in New Hong Kong in the early years of the Great Schism known as the Taoist Revival. It is mentioned briefly in “Uncle Wei and the Jade Rabbit” and will be the subject of a story that I have written some fragments of about Hu Liling.

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