Thoughts on ‘Speculative Fiction: Androids and the Prometheus Myth’

Roy and Tyrell from Blade Runner
Roy meets his maker, from Blade Runner

Just after writing about Elon Musk and his ‘summoning the demon’ quote about AI, I found this blog by Stephie Dror, Speculative Fiction: Androids and the Prometheus Myth. It’s a different reading of the whole AI/android versus humanity trope in science fiction. I hadn’t thought about it being an analogy for the struggle between parents and children, in part because I don’t have kids and have not been one for a while. I can see how this plays out, particularly in Blade Runner where Roy confronts his maker, Tyrell.

I’m not sure how this works for AI’s, however. It seems that AI’s, like Skynet in Terminator or the AI’s in Person of Interest are not children out to overthrow their parents. The focus here seems to be on how logic, without emotion, leads to evil.

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