wpid-wp-1419538956544.jpegIt is an interesting exercise to write about one’s self. In doing so, you see so much about how you present yourself to the world, both knowingly and unknowingly.The act of taking a distance from oneself, particularly trying to write in the third person about yourself unveils the various personae that we present to the world and, if we are attentive, their origins.

In thinking about this, what kept coming to me were all the things in my past that have been seeds for this book. I remembered the first story I ever wrote; the school project on archeology where I had to lead a group of students in creating a civilization and their artifacts; the first science fiction story. All of these are what made me an author.

Other things contributed to the interests I explore in my writing, the themes that occur and particular genre that I write in. My career in digital technologies and my relationship with both friends and family who are also involved in this field feed my fascination with the evolution of technology and its relationship with the people who create and use it.

S L Moffitt at workAfter a number of attempts, I felt that I wanted to do something different. Instead of following the training that I have received in business and academic writing, which relies on short, easily-digestible summaries followed by the detail for those who interested, I wanted to explore these seeds in a more organic way.

The autobiography of an author is, in equal measure, the story of how they came to develop their craft and the influences that shaped their concerns, themes and tones. I realise that I will need to summarise myself at some point, but not here. Here I want to try something different, to be more expansive and not so linear.

[For those that want some sort of summary: I was born in Colorado in the US, grew up in New Jersey, lived on both coasts of the US before moving to London where I currently reside with my wife. I have a PhD in Law and enjoy football (soccer) despite the occasional broken bone. I have published poetry and a short story as well as an academic article entitled ‘Resistance is futile’. ]

Contact: book at seaofdreamsbook dot com {turn it into an email address if you are a human or an AI. Dumb machines need not bother}

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