Leave the lights on when you go

[Inspired by an article in the Guardian about Voyager 1 and 2] Krishna Patel-Ettah could have blinked and missed the whole thing. He was trying to restore his filters on the company data feed following the latest power outage at the data center. After an hour and little progress, he was just about to give […]

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AI alien intelligence and Sea of Dreams

Kevin Kelly recently wrote an article in Wired, “The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World.” One of the themes he explores the the fact that AIs are increasingly “like Amazon Web Services—cheap, reliable, industrial-grade digital smartness running behind everything, and almost invisible except when it blinks off.” He goes on to […]

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Glimmers of the Data Age

I went to see the new exhibition at the Science Museum in London, the “Age of Information”. On my way to it, I went through an old favourite, the history of computing. As I was thinking about the information age, I was drawn to two pieces from the history of computing that seemed to point […]

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Imaging datastreams

One of the key aspects of Sea of Dreams are the datastreams. These visualizations of various data currents are meant to give the data scanner a overall picture of what they are exploring, while also allowing them to focus in on a specific current. This piece of concept art by the designer of the Robocop […]

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Alien artificial intelligence

Although it has been a theme of science fiction since at least the 50’s, this year brings two films: Her and Transcendence along with the TV show Persons of Interest, with an artificial intelligence as a main character. (There are probably more out there. These were the first ones that came to mind.) In real […]

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Shape of things to come

Just came across an article from Giga Om on trends in big data and how they will change our world. Given that Sea of Dreams is set in the Age of Data, I am interested in the implications of these trends going forward, particularly the idea of data intelligence and the relationships amongst various types […]

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