Back cover blurb for Sea of Dreams

In the first book in The Subtle Alchemy series, S L Moffitt weaves a world that is at once believable and alien. It is a world where the furthest advances of technology and the most ancient secrets co-exist and interact. Sea of Dreams is ‘science fiction for those who do not normally read science fiction… […]

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Sea of Dreams fashion

One of the things that I tried to do with Sea of Dreams was to ground the world building in plausible reality, even the fashion. One aspect of this was the idea that clothes could be downloaded with different patterns so that one physical outfit could have different styles. This article from GigaOm points in […]

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Imaging datastreams

One of the key aspects of Sea of Dreams are the datastreams. These visualizations of various data currents are meant to give the data scanner a overall picture of what they are exploring, while also allowing them to focus in on a specific current. This piece of concept art by the designer of the Robocop […]

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Influences- Rumi

Moving on from the paranoid and ultimately fruitless searching of William Burroughs, another searcher who’s literary style, at least in translation, has influenced my writing is Jalal al-Din Rumi. I first discovered him in San Francisco and then went to Koyna to see his shrine during a trip to Turkey. Two books of his translated […]

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The quest of W S Burroughs

In keeping with the flow of William Burroughs I have been in recently, I went to an exhibit of his photography here in London. A couple of things struck me in looking at the various photographs he took from the 1950’s to 70’s. One was the search for a new perception. The other was the […]

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So they still show the sunrise?

[This brief story was inspired by the photo. It takes place after the events of Sea of Dreams.] “So they still show the sunrise?” The old woman glanced at the window on the screen Wong Anming was watching as she finished dressing. Wong turned with a start. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” Mother Huang […]

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Influences- WS Burroughs

In the late 80’s, my friend Stephan Ielpi, from the band False Prophets, introduced me to Alan Ginsberg. From that meeting, I immersed myself in Beat literature. As a result, in 1987, I purchased a copy of William S. Burroughs’ new novel Western Lands. This novel changed the way I thought about writing. It had […]

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