Sea of Dreams promo video

I have just put together the first video for The Subtle Alchemy series, specifically the first book, Sea of Dreams. It was done through a very cool new site,, that allows you to create videos online using existing footage and animation. The video is now available on YouTube from the Jade Rabbit Media channel. […]

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Alien artificial intelligence

Although it has been a theme of science fiction since at least the 50’s, this year brings two films: Her and Transcendence along with the TV show Persons of Interest, with an artificial intelligence as a main character. (There are probably more out there. These were the first ones that came to mind.) In real […]

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Yang Yongliang

Art is always in discussion with the past and the environment in which it exists. This image, created Yang Yongliang, is an example of this. He connects the past of Chinese art with the present of urbanisation. At the same time, I was taken by the fact that it looked futuristic and could be a […]

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The prehistory of data miners

One of the things that I tried to do in writing Sea of Dreams was to base the technology, social and political structures on the present as much as possible. I wanted to make what I was writing a plausible future, even if it turns out not be the exact future we live. In that […]

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Mining on the moon

One of the key parts of Sea of Dreams is the Chinese mining of Helium-3 on the moon. This article from the BBC talks about the efforts to start that process, particularly the Google X Prizes. One comment, by Bob Richards, CEO of Moon Express, caught my attention in particular. People, themselves, will be transformed. […]

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Shape of things to come

Just came across an article from Giga Om on trends in big data and how they will change our world. Given that Sea of Dreams is set in the Age of Data, I am interested in the implications of these trends going forward, particularly the idea of data intelligence and the relationships amongst various types […]

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Robots, learning and creativity

I came across an article on a proof-of-concept for a¬†cloud-based knowledge bank for robots. The basic idea is that physical robots can be connected to a centralized collection of data and algorithms that can augment the robot’s capacities and, at the same time, collect learning from the robot for other robots to use. The fact […]

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