Weird life

While taking a break from writing today to have lunch, I chanced upon an interview in the New York Times with David Toomey. He is the author of the book Weird Life in which he explores the scientific search for life that is completely different from what we normally recognise as life: [based on] DNA, […]

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A small taster

Thought I would share a very brief snippet of the book. This is the beginning of story. Even in this age of datastreams flowing into oceans of information. Even with all the tools, human and programmatic, available to find, organize and analyze these datastreams, there are still mysteries. For example, what colour the sunrise will […]

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The question that most writers get asked at some point is, “What inspired you to write your book?” In my case, there is the immediate trigger and the deeper answer. The immediate trigger for Sea of Dreams was Star Trek- The Next Generation. I was watching an episode one night and was struck by the […]

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