Glimmers of the Data Age

I went to see the new exhibition at the Science Museum in London, the “Age of Information”. On my way to it, I went through an old favourite, the history of computing. As I was thinking about the information age, I was drawn to two pieces from the history of computing that seemed to point […]

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The prehistory of data miners

One of the things that I tried to do in writing Sea of Dreams was to base the technology, social and political structures on the present as much as possible. I wanted to make what I was writing a plausible future, even if it turns out not be the exact future we live. In that […]

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Printing sensors for other planets

GigaOm reported that NASA and PARC were working to print heat and light sensors on thin plastic sheet that could be released over an area to collect a range of environmental information. Combining this with Big Data collection and visualization practices, this could lead to the ability to get very detailed information about a particular […]

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Shape of things to come

Just came across an article from Giga Om on trends in big data and how they will change our world. Given that Sea of Dreams is set in the Age of Data, I am interested in the implications of these trends going forward, particularly the idea of data intelligence and the relationships amongst various types […]

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Robots, learning and creativity

I came across an article on a proof-of-concept for a¬†cloud-based knowledge bank for robots. The basic idea is that physical robots can be connected to a centralized collection of data and algorithms that can augment the robot’s capacities and, at the same time, collect learning from the robot for other robots to use. The fact […]

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