Sea of Dreams contest

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case 450 words. As you might have guessed from the various posts on the site, I am interested in the visual arts. In particular, I have been trying to visualize the world of Sea of Dreams. The book cover is one part of this visual […]

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The time traveller’s dilemma

[A story inspired by two photos: one of my father’s and one of mine] The problem with time travel, like with life, is that you don’t remember everything that happens to you. You come and go across time, but somehow you forget where or when you’ve been. Like finding a receipt for a shop you’ve […]

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Artistic legacy

Earlier this year, I was visiting my parents. While I was there, my dad gave me a collection of digitized images from slides he had taken between the late 50s and mid 70s. Going through them was a very odd experience. Apart from the familial history that I discovered, I had an odd sensation seeing […]

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The quest of W S Burroughs

In keeping with the flow of William Burroughs I have been in recently, I went to an exhibit of his photography here in London. A couple of things struck me in looking at the various photographs he took from the 1950’s to 70’s. One was the search for a new perception. The other was the […]

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