Five Billion Years of Solitude?

In a recent New York Times review of Lee Billings’ book, Five Billion Years of Solitude, the review, Dennis Overbye, points out how long the odds are of finding other worlds that could host life: Complex life arose here only half a billion years ago, notes James Kasting, a geosciences professor at Penn State, who […]

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Robots, learning and creativity

I came across an article on a proof-of-concept for a¬†cloud-based knowledge bank for robots. The basic idea is that physical robots can be connected to a centralized collection of data and algorithms that can augment the robot’s capacities and, at the same time, collect learning from the robot for other robots to use. The fact […]

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Weird life

While taking a break from writing today to have lunch, I chanced upon an interview in the New York Times with David Toomey. He is the author of the book Weird Life in which he explores the scientific search for life that is completely different from what we normally recognise as life: [based on] DNA, […]

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